Can You Video Call On A Plane? Ultimate Guide

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Can You Video Call On A Plane

Have you ever found yourself on a long-haul flight, wishing you could catch up on business or chat with your loved ones via a video call?

Many of us have been there, but the reality of in-flight communication isn’t as straightforward. While we’ve come a long way in terms of in-flight amenities, the ability to video call from 35,000 feet above ground remains elusive.

In this article, we will answer questions like, “Can you video call on a place?” and “can we do video call in flight international?”, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this and explore the nuances of communication technology onboard airplanes.

Quick Answer: Can You Video Call On a Plane?

As of now, video calling on a plane is generally not possible. The main reason is the limited bandwidth onboard airplanes which makes it challenging to support data-heavy applications like video calling.

The Wi-Fi services provided by airlines are often not robust enough to handle video streaming activities. However, advancements are being made in this field and hopefully, in the future, we may be able to video call seamlessly while flying. For now, it’s best to save your video calls for when you land.

In addition to the technical challenges, it’s also worth noting that airline policies and passenger comfort play a crucial role in this issue.

Many airlines discourage the use of video calls during flight due to potential noise disruption for other passengers. Even if the technology evolves to support video calls in the future, airlines will need to balance this with maintaining a tranquil in-flight environment.

After all, the cabin is a shared space, and ensuring a peaceful journey for all passengers is of paramount importance.

Can You Video Call on a Plane: Here is Why You Cannot

The inability to video call on a plane primarily stems from two factors: technical limitations and airline policies.

Technical Limitations

Airplane Wi-Fi, unlike ground-based Wi-Fi, depends on a complex system of satellites, antennas, and receivers. The bandwidth available onboard is limited, making it difficult to support the data-heavy requirements of a video call.

Airplane Wi-Fi is shared among all passengers, and if everyone attempted to video call simultaneously, the system would quickly be overwhelmed. Given the data demands of video calling, it’s currently not feasible for airlines to support this on their Wi-Fi networks.

Airline Policies and Passenger Comfort

In addition to the technical issues, airlines have policies in place that are designed to ensure a comfortable and tranquil environment for all passengers.

Video calls have the potential to create noise disruptions and infringe upon the privacy of others in the cabin. Therefore, even if the technical challenges were overcome, airlines might still prohibit video calls to maintain passenger comfort and privacy.

Thus, until there are significant advancements in technology and changes in airline policies, it’s best to save your video calls for when you’re back on the ground.

Can You Make Wi-Fi Calls on a Plane with United Airlines?

Currently, United Airlines does not permit voice calls, including Wi-Fi calls, on their flights. This policy aligns with the reasons mentioned earlier: maintaining a quiet environment for all passengers and respecting privacy.

United Airlines’ in-flight Wi-Fi, like many other airlines, is designed primarily for activities that require less bandwidth, such as web browsing, checking emails, or texting.

United Airlines has also explicitly stated in its guidelines that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is not allowed. VoIP includes services like Skype, WhatsApp Calling, Google Hangouts, or any other service that utilizes the internet to make calls.

So, even though you can connect to the internet during your flight, making Wi-Fi calls is not a service that United Airlines currently supports.

However, technology and policies are continually evolving. In the future, airlines like United may find a solution to accommodate Wi-Fi calls without disrupting the peace of the flight.

For now, passengers are encouraged to use the inflight Wi-Fi for other online activities that are less disruptive and do not infringe on the comfort of fellow passengers

Can You Do Video Call in Flight on American Airlines?

As of the current policies, American Airlines, like most other airlines, does not allow video calling on its flights. This policy is primarily driven by two factors: the technical limitations of in-flight Wi-Fi and the commitment to maintaining a tranquil environment for all passengers.

The bandwidth available on most flights is usually not sufficient to support the data-heavy requirements of video calls. This is largely due to the technical challenges of providing high-speed, stable Wi-Fi in an airborne aircraft.

Therefore, even if you are able to connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi, the connection may not be strong or consistent enough to support a video call.

Moreover, video calls can potentially create noise disruptions and invade the privacy of other passengers, hence many airlines, including American Airlines, have policies against it. This is part of their effort to ensure a pleasant and relaxing flight experience for all passengers.

While American Airlines offers in-flight Wi-Fi, it is designed for activities that require less bandwidth, such as web browsing, checking emails, or instant messaging. They discourage activities that could create noise disruptions or infringe on the comfort of fellow passengers, such as video calls.

What to Do If You Can’t Video Call on a Plane

In the absence of video calling facilities, there are a number of other ways to stay connected and make productive use of your time while on a plane.

Offline Work: Before your flight, download necessary documents, articles, or emails that you can work on while in the air. This is an optimal time to catch up on reading or draft responses to emails that you can send once you land.

Entertainment: Most airlines offer an in-flight entertainment system with a vast selection of movies, TV shows, and music. This can be a great opportunity to unwind and catch up on shows or movies you’ve been meaning to watch.

Reading: Bring along a good book or download a few on your e-reader. Flights can provide a rare chunk of undisturbed time, perfect for immersing yourself in a new book.

Sleep: Especially on long-haul flights, the ability to get some rest can be invaluable. Bring a comfortable neck pillow and eye mask, and catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Inflight Wi-Fi: While video calling may not be possible, you can still make use of inflight Wi-Fi for other less data-intensive activities such as sending emails or browsing the internet. Many airlines also offer text messaging services using Wi-Fi.

Though the answer to the question, “Can you video call on a plane?” is a big NO. But you can use these tips to conduct good communication between your clients. It’s all about planning and making the most of the resources available to you.

Can You Video Call On a Plane: More Relevant FAQs

Why is video calling not allowed on planes?

Video calling on a plane is generally not possible due to limited bandwidth and airline policies. The bandwidth of airplane Wi-Fi is not sufficient to support the data-heavy requirements of video calling.

Can I use Wi-Fi for other activities if I can’t video call on a plane?

Yes, inflight Wi-Fi can still be used for less data-intensive activities such as sending emails or browsing the internet. It’s also possible to use airline-provided text messaging services via Wi-Fi.

What can I do on a plane if I can’t make video calls?

There are several ways to stay occupied without making video calls. You can work offline, enjoy the in-flight entertainment system, read a book, sleep, or use the available Wi-Fi for activities other than video calling.

Can you FaceTime on airplane wifi iPhone?

If you’re searching, “can you facetime on airplane wifi” then Currently, most airlines do not support FaceTime calls over their Wi-Fi networks. This is due to both technical constraints since FaceTime requires a strong and consistent internet connection which most in-flight Wi-Fi services cannot provide.

Final Words: Can You Video Call On a Plane?

In the digital era, staying connected at all times is often seen as a necessity. While the limitations of video calling on airplanes may seem inconvenient, understanding the technical challenges and respect for passenger comfort can help us adapt.

There are still numerous ways to utilize our time productively during flights, from offline work and reading to enjoying in-flight entertainment or simply resting.

As technology and airline policies evolve, the possibility of video calling while in flight might change. Until then, we can leverage other available resources to make our in-flight experience enjoyable and productive.


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